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R.I.P. Dr Jerry Buss (January 27th- 1933 – Feb 19, 2013)

Dr. Jerry Buss

Gerald Hatten "Jerry" Buss (January 27, 1933 – February 18, 2013) was an American businessman, real estate investor, and a former chemist. He was the majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers professional basketball team along with other professional sports franchises in Southern California. Announced as a member of the 2010 induction class of the Basketball Hall of Fame on April 5, 2010, he was formally enshrined as a contributor to the sport on August 13 of that same year.

Good vs. Championship caliber coaches

There is a big difference between good coaches and championship caliber coaches. For this example let’s use Mike D’Antoni. He has been considered a good coach while in Phoneix with the Suns and big things where expected when he came to the NY Knicks. Granted NY was horrible his first couple years but after they acquired Amare stoudemire and then later in the season Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billiups it felt like they had turned the corner. Which brings us to this year although the Knicks lost Chauncey they were considered to be title contenders with the signing of new NBA champion Tyson Chandler! Sadly the Knicks have gotten off to a 2-4 start and the main reasons Defense. Don’t get me wrong I think Mike D is a great coach unfortunately his greatness only extends to the offensive end. Don’t believe me check this article.

PUBLISHED Thursday, Jan 5, 2012 at 11:58 am EST It’s too early to be sounding the panic alarms, but the season has not been going well for the New York Knicks. They’re 2-4, and after beating the Celtics on Christmas Day, they’ve dropped four of their last five, including home losses to the Raptors and Bobcats, nether of whom came into the season with particularly high expectations. This, after coach Mike D’Antoni said before the season the Knicks had “the ability to win it all,” The New York Post notes. The Knicks are fortunate that the Giants are in the NFL playoffs and controversy continues to surround the Jets. Without the buzz around New York’s NFL teams, the town’s tabloids would be having a back cover field day with its pro basketball team. During Wednesday night’s 118-110 loss to Charlotte, chants of “Let’s Go Giants’’ and “Let’s Go Rangers’’ were mixed in with boos at Madison Square Garden, The Post reports. In a statement no one is buying, D’Antoni, per Yahoo! Sports, said of the Bobcats, “You’re talking about an NBA team. They’re good.” D’Antoni is the final year of a $45 million contract, Yahoo! notes. “We understand why the boos were coming. We’re not playing well,” forward Carmelo Anthony said, per the New York Daily News. “They want to see a team that goes out there and playing hard and we’re not doing that right now. Like I told my guys today just stick with it. It can’t get no worse.” No one has ever believed in the Knicks’ defense under offensive-minded coach Mike D’Antoni, and, sure enough, the team’s biggest issue appears to be on the defensive end. Tyson Chandler was acquired this offseason to address the defensive deficiencies, but the team’s new center stresses thing will take time to jell. The Bobcats shot 55 percent from the field on Wednesday, and Charlotte center Boris Diaw scored 27 points, a night after being held scoreless in a 14-point loss to Cleveland. “The offense was good,” D’Antoni said, according to Newsday. “Just bad defense.” But the Knicks believe there’s time to turn their season around. “It takes time to be a good defensive team,” Chandler said, per The New York Times. “We just have to dedicate ourselves to get there.” Added D’Antoni, “There are 62 more games left. Or 60 games left. I didn’t major in math. So we know what we’ve got to do. They’re good guys, a good group. They’re talking about it. We’ll solve the problem. We’ll get it done here. But better to get it sooner than later. So we’ve got to get it going.” If a home game against the Bobcats wasn’t enough to stem the tide, maybe a matchup against the lowly Wizards will be. The Knicks play at 0-6 Washington Friday night.>

LeBron feeling the pressure!

LeBron James has taken allot of flack since he decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and move over to the Miami Heat. To be honest with you I don’t blame him. You only get a certain amount of years to make your mark in the NBA and for most people the only way to leave your mark is to win championships. For every legend with multiple championships like Magic, Bird and Jordan you have a championship-less players like Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and Karl Malone. So LeBron although young (25) is looking at the fact that he has been in the NBA for 7 years and yet to touch a trophy. I think it also stems form the Lakers. The Lakers have won back to back championships the team is relatively young and they are stacked. So he had to do something and frankly the talent in Cleveland was not going to get it done. So when i was thinking about that i came across this pic, it’s a thumbnail but click on it and take a closer look. It’s the 2008 USA Basketball Dream team in Beijing and as youc an see everyone in the picture is looking at the camera except one. Now it might just be me but doesn’t it look like LeBron is staring at Kobe? And not with a “Man I really like Kobe look” more like “Man I need to beat this guy and his team” look. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but I don’t fault LeBron one bit.

2008 Beijing Dream Team