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Luke 6:31 – Do to others as you would have them do to you

Treating others how you would want to be treated is a great thing and it’s funny (tragically) in this case how nastiness comes fully around. It reminded me of the bible verse Luke 6:31 “Do to others as you  would have them do to you” I am sure the passage is slightly different in many bibles (Yeah why is that?) but the overall message is the same.

EMT Accused of Ignoring Dying Woman Is Shot Dead

(July 19) — Police are searching for the gunman who fatally shot a New York City emergency medical worker under investigation for allegedly ignoring a dying pregnant woman.

Jason Green, 32, was shot twice Sunday at 5 a.m. after his friend was turned away from a nightclub, Detective Marc Nell said. Police said that after Green got into an altercation with a man, a gunman got out of a car, shot him twice in the torso and fled.

There were no arrests or suspects as of this morning, Nell said.

Green and another EMT were suspended for a month without pay following the Dec. 9 death of Au Bon Pain cashier Eutisha Rennix, and the case is still under investigation, according to reports.

Rennix, 25, was in distress when employees in the restaurant asked Green and the other worker to help her. The two reportedly said they were on a break and told employees to call for help. An ambulance was called but Rennix, who was six months pregnant, and her fetus did not survive.

Rennix died of cardiopulmonary arrest brought on by chronic bronchial asthma, The New York Times reported.

Meanwhile, Rennix’s relatives offered sympathy to Green’s family.

“As a mother who has been through this kind of loss, I have to feel for his family,” her mother Cynthia told the New York Post. “Even though what he did to my daughter was an injustice, I am sorry for him and, especially, for his mother.”

Rennix’s sister, Marva, told the paper: “We thought what he did was inhuman. But he didn’t deserve [to be shot]. You have to live your life right, because when you do wrong things, life has a way of bringing bad things back to you.”

New Yorkers who live near the nightclub said the area is troublesome, plagued by noise and violence.

“I hate to say it, but we’ve been waiting for something like this to happen,” Silvia Beam, president of the Vandam Street Block Association, told the Post.

Police have not tied the Green’s shooting to the death of Rennix.

“There is no indication that is the case,” police spokesman Paul Browne told the New York Daily

Peace in the middle east?

Peace in the Middle East? Is it even possible? As you know if you are a religious person from reading the Bible you have a sense of what has been going on in the Middle East for thousands of years. The UN’s decision to create the Israeli state after World War II in 1948 is part of the problem that has led to continuous violence in the Middle East. Displacing the Palestinians when Israel was given statehood was not a good idea, granted Palestine was not a recognized state but you still cannot deny that people where living in what is current day Israel and these people were the Palestinians. A couple facts that I want to share with you. At the turn of the century the Jewish population in Israel was about 60k compared to 730k Arabs. With the advent of Israel the population stands today at 3.5 million Jews and 3.2 million Arabs. So the Palestinians feel like they are being pushed out. The fact that most Arabs are Muslims, practioners of Islam and most Jews are of the Jewish faith creates a further divide amongst the groups. And the biggest thing I think is the United States constant meddling in the affairs of others has created this problem. Prior to Israel being granted statehood in 1948 the stream of Jews to the region had been increasing, the Aliyah or “immigration of Jews to Israel” picked up during the first and second World War due to the persecution of Jews in Europe. Both Jews and Arabs trace there lineage back to Abraham of the Bible who’s two sons Ishmael and Isaac became the divergent paths of two groups who really are cousins. Isaac the father of the Jewish faith and Ishmael the father of the faith of Islam. Now both groups look to this passage in Genesis

Genesis: ch 12: v 7: And the LORD appeared unto Abram, and said, Unto thy seed will I give this land: and there builded he an altar unto the LORD, who appeared unto him.

So the fact that Abram or Abrahams seed was Isaac and Ishmael, which seed was the land for? Followers of Islam say Ishmael the firstborn son. Well as a Christian, someone who believes in Christ and the salvation he afforded us and all who come to the Lord through him we place our faith in the Bible and believe that the divine lineage of Christ was through the Jewish descendants or children of Isaac. And that is where the problem persists. Now how do you tell a group of people that there religion is wrong and yours or another groups is right, you can’t. There’s a saying “Don’t talk Politics or Religion” nothing gets people more riled up then those two topics and really to me you could remove politics and simply say religion. So as the US backs Israel we create new enemies everyday in people based on religious background. What is the answer?