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LeBron feeling the pressure!

LeBron James has taken allot of flack since he decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and move over to the Miami Heat. To be honest with you I don’t blame him. You only get a certain amount of years to make your mark in the NBA and for most people the only way to leave your mark is to win championships. For every legend with multiple championships like Magic, Bird and Jordan you have a championship-less players like Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and Karl Malone. So LeBron although young (25) is looking at the fact that he has been in the NBA for 7 years and yet to touch a trophy. I think it also stems form the Lakers. The Lakers have won back to back championships the team is relatively young and they are stacked. So he had to do something and frankly the talent in Cleveland was not going to get it done. So when i was thinking about that i came across this pic, it’s a thumbnail but click on it and take a closer look. It’s the 2008 USA Basketball Dream team in Beijing and as youc an see everyone in the picture is looking at the camera except one. Now it might just be me but doesn’t it look like LeBron is staring at Kobe? And not with a “Man I really like Kobe look” more like “Man I need to beat this guy and his team” look. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but I don’t fault LeBron one bit.

2008 Beijing Dream Team

The Ballad of Antoine Dodson

So if you have been living and spend anytime on the internet you probably have seen this on Youtube or a blog. Antoine Dodson’s sister was assaulted by someone who broke into her house and attempted to rape her. Antoine downstairs at the time came running up and helped to fend of the assailant. All of this took place in Huntsville, Alabama and was covered by the local news agency.

Now I have to admit although the circumstances are nothing to laugh at the interview with Mr. Dodson is tooo funny!! But it doesn’t end there, Mr. Dodson’s journey through the internet highways and byways doesn’t end there. Since then Mr. Dodson has become an internet sensation with video’s popping up all over Youtube. Like the Autotune’s version

Is that it? no were not done with you yet Mr. Dodson. How about the Antoine Dodson Church Announcement!!

Anyway go on Youtube and search for “Antoine Dodson” and you can see all the videos out.

New York Daily News pays homage to A-Rod kinda!

The New York Daily News the day after A-Rod reached a new milestone on the home-run list by joining the 600 club, ran the following cover. A great tribute to a NY hero right? Or maybe not notice the asterisk after Congrats possibly suggesting that his accomplishment is tainted due to his announcement that he did indeed use steroids while a member of the Texas Rangers.

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