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The Juice has gone sour!!

In the wold of “What in the hell were you thinking!!!!” we have mister Orenthal James Simpson better known to us simply as OJ, back in the news again with yet another step on the bad side of the law. This time instead of being accused of brutally murdering two people he is simply accused of strong arm robbery. At sixty no less, who knew that Viagra would have all of these other side effects we are currently witnessing. OJ allegedly went to a Las Vegas casino with several friends to retrieve items allegedly stolen from him years past. Now i don’t know how you get down but i doubt at sixty I will be rolling up on anybody with a posse of forty something year olds, unless maybe I had a couple guns to even the odds. Yeah right who am I kidding, there is now way in… well you know that i would ever attempt this type of caper. If i honestly believed someone had my belongings then I would call the police they are really adept at rolling up on people with a posse and brandishing guns. Not only was this really moronic but then OJ the rocket scientist that he is allowed himself to be recorded in the commission of his alleged crime. I tell you crime does really not pay the people who tend to be criminals are not very bright and really never learn fro there mistakes. Lets see your arrested for the murder of your ex wife and her friend oh so many years ago and you have your mugshot taken (lets take a look)

OJ Simpson mugshots 1993

You are the center of legal proceedings dubbed “The Trial of The Century” And not only is there a ton of evidence against you but oh wonders of wonders you manage to get off. So what do you do, instead of fading from the spotlight you routinely turn up in tabloids, weird tv deals and amazing coffee table books. But no that is not enough you have to go out and commit another crime while being secretly taped. Why? I guess to prove that “Hey they can’t send me to jail no matter what I do. Well juice I think you pushed the envelope one to many times and will probably in the end get what you originally deserved, to grow old in a jail cell. This will be how you went out:

OJ Simpson mugshots 2007

Oh one little joke before I go from the archives:

Did you hear they stopped serving the Screwdriver cocktails in Brentwood.


The Vodka was ok but the OJ will kill you!!

College student tasered at Kerry Q&A

Ok, this is a big part of the news now and rightfully so, not to be a psycho conspiracy nut but are the rights of the good old American citizens slowly being eroded. College campuses who spawned debate and forward thinking are now falling to the crush of our civil rights slowly being eroded. Now this kid obviously had some facts whether they were real or not, and he was a little abrasive. but what happened to having a debate and hearing all ideas whether we consider them baseless or not. The right considers people who do not subscribe to there train of thought as liberals, whom they brand as unamerican, in affect weakening your will to resist. I think he had a valid point, why did we attempt to impeach Clinton for his transgressions (which I morally think where wrong) and not Dubya whose policies are actually killing and getting individuals killed? More on that later but her is the video courtesy of Youtube.

Illegal Immigration debate and injustice!!

Once again we are presented with a story that cries out as just not being fair if your not from the southland (southern California) you may not have heard of this story but over the weekend a young lady was arrested after a police officer observed here beating a young man over the head with a purse and repeatedly punching him in the face. She was subsequently arrested and when booked into jail admitted to being in the country illegally. The prosecutor in the case eventually declined to press domestic abuse charges because the young man (the suspects boy friend) did not wish to pursue charges, however the young lady (Aracely Lopez as we later learned) was turned over to ICE agents and awaits deportation.

Now here is where I find injustice, I believe that we need to enforce our borders and follow the laws as they are written. However I am not in favor of throwing every illegal immigrant out of the country. Each case is different as in the case of this young lady who happens to be only 19. Aracely freely admits she is in the country illegally but the circumstance is that she was brought here at the age of 3 by here parents. Now to me her parents are the ones who committed the crime and not her. But we are going to take a 19 year old lady and throw her in a foreign country she has no knowledge off. it just seems really unfair to me to lump her together with people who illegal cross the border under there own power. She was a child when brought here and should be given some leeway. just my two cents!!!

Aracely Lopez