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John McCain ship sinking almost as fast as Howard Dean in 2004!

I am sure we all remember the run up to the democratic and republican nominations back in 2004 and the total implosion of the front runner Howard Dean. Dean started as the clear choice for the democratic party he opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003 going against most who were still following the post 9/11 “Your either with us or against us” mantra. He was a strong leader no immoral bones hiding in his closet, love child’s speaking out in the “National Enquirer” or illegal business dealings hanging over his head. There was a small story about him having hot temper but after 9/11 I believe a number of people looked at that as a strength so no one was alarmed. Until January 19, 2004, Dean came in a disappointing third in the Iowa Democratic Caucus behind John Kerry and John Edwards. Totally not expected since it was the first primary in the caucus and Dean the front runner came in third which was puzzling but actually was a precursor to what was to come. In a post-caucus rally with his volunteers Dean attempting to rally and rebound the campaign made on of the most memorable speeches in recent history, a speech who’s last minute or two was played on TV and media outlets over and over again. The infamous guttural growl Dean uttered that night put the finishing touches on a campaign that went from front runner to laughing stock in a matter of weeks.

“Dean Scream”

That brings us to the present day campaign of John McCain who started off as an early front runner for the Republican nomination in 2008 but who’s campaign is following a similar down turn too the one Howard Dean experienced. The difference I see is that while Dean was a victim of perception and bad momentum that totally tanked his campaign John McCain is just a victim of bad out of touch policies with reality. His vote for the Iraq war was one knock against him especially in the face of the dirty politics George Bush had played on him in the past. But once the war went south instead of doing the common politician line and making an about face he has continued to champion the war. Most people feel that politicians are hypocrites and simply follow opinion polls and in most instances that is true. So when you find one who sticks to what he says is his belief you would think he would be applauded. However when the approval ratings for the war are in the 20’s and threatening to go lower and the whole country is against the war, then to continue to support it is political suicide. On top of that Dean then decided it would be in his best interest to team with Edward Kennedy to produce the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill another huge blunder by McCain. For McCain and whomever was or is helping him shape his campaign strategy to think that it was a good idea to run for the Republican nomination that has taken the “Conservative, Moral, Fiscally responsible, Bible thumping” stance lately and team up with Ed Kennedy of all people was a big mistake. Not only were conservative Republicans against the bill but Democrats too who where pushing for outright amnesty and citizenship with no border restrictions. These two issues served to drive down McCain’s campaign and then it seems like the campaign is burping it’s last few breaths this week. The week started off with the announcement that the tally for the first part of 2007 was 11 million dollars trailing behind nearly all other serious republican candidates. Then the info that the campaign had 2 million in the bank prompted the four top political strategist on the campaign to either be fired or abandon a sinking ship. Now the bad news is coming daily for McCain his main campaign manager in Florida was arrested yesterday for allegedly soliciting sex in a park and today his campaign may have only $250,000 in the bank. It looks like McCain will just like Dean before him not so quietly disappear into the night. Yeeaaaaaarrrghhhh!!!!!!!!

HD DVD versus Blu-Ray

When the HD DVD versus Blu-Ray debate is brought up it tends to take on this puzzling deamonor. No one really knows who is ahead in the race to capture the pocketbooks of the modern consumer. Some merely recite technical specks which we can take a look at:




ROM Single/Dual Layer

25GB/ 50GB

15Gb/ 30GB

RW Single/Dual layer

27GB/ 54GB


Highest Test



Theoretical Limit



From a purely technical aspect I would be inclined to pick Blu-Ray because all techies love the newest, biggest and greatest. After all who can argue with media that can record up to 100GB’s on a single disc over 45GB’s. To some though that is not the only factor that goes into there equation, a number of people are interested in availability, for example over the last war over Betamax or VHS I am sure the early adapters who went out and purchased Betamax players were not very happy when Betamax tanked and went under. To have a technology that is no longer supported is practically useless, so consumers are more cautious now, wary to buy a platform that could disappear shortly. If the movies available for either platform are in short supply like they are now you see a tendency for consumers to stay away. I mean common sense tells you that if you have a format, DVD which has players as low as $25 dollars and enumerable titles many in the $10 dollar range then what is the emphasis for the consumer to spend $500 plus on a player with a limited supply of movies. Now I am approaching the point where I can see myself giving one a shot and seeing what all the hoopla is about. The reason being is that it comes down to simple dollars. To most guys, you know us dudes who sit on the couch belch and swig beer the main foray into either platform would be the Xbox 360 (HD DVD) or the PS3 (Blu-Ray). The pricing on the two systems though is still higher then most people are ready to spend on a gaming console. Sony this week just announced (second article) a drop in price of the PS3 by $100 dropping the price to $499. The Xbox 360 comes in at $399 and offers more games at this point then the PS3. The one breaking point for me is the offer from Toshiba, the Toshiba HD-A2 which I have seen advertised in the past month at $238, a fair price to enter into the early adapter arena with a budget HD DVD player. This price point is attractive to me and just might get me to take the leap I am interested in how others feel about the HD DVD versus Blu-Ray war.


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