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Sansa E260 and Album art

i just bought a Sansa E260 and I didn’t want to use Windows media player and sync my music so I was trying to find an alternative to add album art to my player. I came across this website with the answer to adding Album art manually

Sansa E260
Sansa E260

Sansa E260 screen
Sansa E260 screen shots

* Under the Settings on your player, set the USB mode to MSC (Mass Storage Class) – the device will act like a flash drive. DON’T put it on MTP (Music Transfer Protocol) – that’s for using WMP.
* In WinXP, make sure you are displaying hidden folders under the “Tools -> Folder Options -> View” tab. Your music will appear under Artist -> Album -> .mp3. All you have to do is put a 200×200 JPG file with your album art into a file called “Album Art.jpg” in that folder. Album art will appear.

Air or Kobe? The debate heats up

Kobe Bryant just completed a string in March that was quite extraordinary, over a span of 4 games her scored an unbelievable 225 points in 4 games the only person to exceed those numbers was Wilt Chamberlain who’s numbers are off the chart.

Kobe’s Run (March 2007)
3/16 Portland Trailblazers: 65 points
3/18 Minnesota Timberwolves: 50 points
3/22 Memphis Grizzlies: 60 points
3/23 New Orleans/OK City Hornets: 50 points

So The question becomes again is Kobe catching up to Michael Jordan ? Or (perish the thought) is Kobe even better then his airness. When Michael Jordan was amazing NBA crowds in the late 80’s and early 90’s putting up numbers like no one had ever seen it was unconceivable to think that anyone would ever be able to come close to that but here we are 10 years later and Kobe’s scoring numbers are right there and in some ways better, so lets take a look at the overall numbers and career stats for both players. have always said that not only was Michael Jordan an amazing player but he did something else that set him apart he was consistently good over many years which certified his greatness. By taking a look at his numbers you should be able to make the same inference.

Here is the spreadsheet here, comparing Kobe and MJ’s careers

Now I know Kobe’s career is far from over and he may yet even surpass what he has accomplished so far, after all most people agree that Micheal Jordan did not reach his peak until he was 30 years old, Kobe is still a year away form reaching that age and if you take a look at the current reigning MVP (2 years running, who is again in the running for MVP) Steve Nash is in his early 30’s. So Where do we begin in the Kobe and Air debate? Well I like to look at the career scoring avg and field goal percentage

R.I.P. Eddie Robinson 1919-2007

Eddie Robinson Legendary former Grambling State University football coach Eddie Robinson has died. He was 88.

Robinson died overnight at Lincoln General Hospital in Monroe, Louisiana, where family members say he was taken just yesterday having suffered for years from Alzheimer’s.

Robinson was Grambling’s coach for 56 years, from 1942 – 1997.

He became the first college coach to rack up 400 wins, completing his career with 408 wins, 165 losses and 15 ties. His teams had just eight losing seasons and won 17 Southwestern Athletic Conference titles and nine national black college championships.

Robinson sent more than 200 players to the NFL.